Soliciting Advice: Bosh Release Configuration Parameters

less than 1 minute read

So I’m soliciting advice from the greater community.

I am working on creating a boshrelease and want to have a 2-pronged approach to the deployment.

  1. I want to give the consumer the ability to use a more “guided” deployment.
  2. I want to also give the consumer the ability to override the “guided” deployment, and put whatever they want into the configuration.

So here’s my code example of how that would look:

    - 1
    - 2
    - 3
    tcp_port: 1221
    syslog_port: 5514
    override: true
    override_config: |
        # overrides the above and just dump this to file instead

From a template perspective:

<% if p('fluentd.config.override') == "true" %>

<%= p('fluentd.config.override_config') %>

<% else %>

# Define source
type syslog
port <% p('fluentd.config.syslog_port') %>

<% end %>