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Last Updated: May 10, 2022

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GPUPI V3.3 - 32B, 1x GPU



I want to be able to swap out parts every 6 months or so, when the next release cycle comes up. Whether it’s Intel or AMD on top, I want to be able to bench it. Dynamically updating parts is the easiest way to do this.


I want to push the GPU, CPU, and Memory as hard as I can, seeing how far I can go before things break.


Racecar go BRRRRRRR!!!


What’s the point of building something like this without having some fun doing it?

(*) Denotes currently in-use



  • HWBOT OpenBenchTable - Something modular that I could easily swap out parts on that’ll last me a while.
  • (*) Praxis WetbenchSX Flat - Replaced my OBT with something that could hold all 3 of my psus that I use during my runs underneath. Much cleaner and taller.


  • (*) 2x kits of 16GB(2x8gb) DDR4 4000 CL15 memory, running at 4300 c15
  • (2x) 32gb (2x16) TeamGroup DDR5 6400 C40 Hynix-based
  • 32gb Corsair 5200 C36 Micron-based

Intel Platform

z690 (2022)

  • Asus z690 Apex - Thanks to Asus for providing this motherboard!
  • Gigabyte z690 Tachyon
  • MSI z690 Unify-X
  • i9-12900k (Intel Qualification Sample) - Thanks to Asus for providing this CPU!
  • i9-12900k Retail
  • i9-12900kf Retail
  • (2x) i9-12900ks Retail

z590 (2021)

  • Asus z590 Apex - Got what I wanted this time around.
  • i9-11900K - IPC improvement over Comet Lake is about 15%. I picked this up to work on 3DMark CPU benches and superpi. No cold bug. Can run full pot.

z490 (2020)

  • EVGA z490 Dark Kingpin Edition - Don’t blame me. It was on sale at Amazon. I would have preferred the z490 Apex, but they’re out of stock everywhere.
  • i9-10850k - Good to go to 5.2ghz on water
  • i9-10900k - Binned to 5.4ghz on water - Cold Bugs at -175C. Going to also test it on the z590 Apex to see if I can get around the cold bug. Will report back later.

AMD Platform

x570 (2020-2022)

  • Asus x570 ROG Crosshair VIII Dark Hero - The best overclocking motherboard currently available for the Zen3 Platform.
  • AMD Ryzen 5900x - Binned to 4.75 on water, can PBO to 5.2 comfortably


Nvidia Ampere (2020)

  • EVGA 3090 FTW3 Ultra Gaming - Has an analog VRM and beta BIOS will go to 500w. You can actually push a lot further than that using shunt mods or bios updates if you know what you’re doing. You’ll definitely need at least a water block, if not LN2, if you do start going down that road.
  • (*) Asus 3090 ROG Strix OC - Has a digital VRM that you can control via an external EVC2SX controller. I recommend checking out ElmorLabs for more information.



  • IceGiant ProSiphon Elite](https://www.icegiantcooling.com/)


  • Heatkiller Pro IV Copper - It’s pretty and darn well close to the best, even for a block released in 2015.
  • Alphacool NeXXXos xt45 1080mm Nova Radiator (Part Number: 14349) - 3x3x120mm fan radiator, for a total of 9 fans.
  • Arctic PWM fans - Best CFM at low noise.
  • Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360mm AIO


  • KingPin Cooling TEK-9 ICON v5
  • BurningOC Reaktor /G GPU Pot
  • BurningOC Reaktor 3.0 LN2 pot TR Cut
  • BurningOC Reaktor 3.0 LN2 pot Standard Cut
  • KingPin Cooling T-Rex Rev. 3