Playing at the ASUS PCDIY OC Event

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I was invited, alongside a bunch of overclockers, to the ASUS PCDIY OC Event at their offices in Fremont California. Lots of fun came out of that.

I was also interviewed and actually gave an overclocking demo in this video:

Unfortunately my board ended up dying about 20 minutes before I was supposed to start, so I had to quickly use someone else’s setup. He informed me that he wasn’t able to get his running over 6.3ghz, so I only pushed to about 6.1ghz on stream. Funny enough, after the stream I was able to easily get the system to 6.9ghz without issue.

All in all, it was a ton of fun. I met a ton of great folks and look forward to the next event.

Special thanks to JJ and Juno from ASUS for being amazing hosts, and Jaicheng for getting everything set up!

Here’s some pictures from the event: