Playing With Globals

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Lots of changes and updates! I’m laying in bed sick and thought I would put up a new post for the first time in almost a year.


I took a new position at a wonderful company in August of 2021, and have been having a wonderful time. I currently manage a wonderful team of individuals that are doing incredible things. I have nothing but good things to say about my new role. It’s been an absolute dream come true!



I now have memberships to the following breweries/meaderies:

All of them are amazing and I look forward to getting all my tasty beverages!


I did take a bit of a break for a few months because of travel and work. Getting up-to-speed on a new position was just taking far too much out of me. Sorry for going dark for as long as I did. I’ve been back on it almost every week since March! Come watch me do crazy things Friday Nights at 7pm MST (GMT-0700) on Twitch!! I’ve been pushing so hard for global records and am getting very close to getting to the top of 3dmark’s CPU Profile benchmark. I’m planning on branching out to other benchmarks soon over on HWBOT.

Other cool things I got to do is represent Team USA on the HWBOT Country Cup! Unfortunately, my lack of hardware meant I was only able to do one bench, which ended up both being the winning score, and happened to be 6th in the world globally!!

I also updated my XOC page to match my current hardware inventory and records if you’re interested in catching up.

“The Brand” and the Future..

I’ve been working on my “brand” very hard for the past couple of months and actually received some amazing hardware from multiple vendors. I now have a Facebook Page, and have been trying very hard to remember to upload my VODs post-stream to Youtube. I’ll eventually get to actually cutting up videos and making content over there as I have more time.

Financially, I am completely operating at a loss. It’s not profiitable enough for me to give up my day job. It’s still amazing to do but I really need to work on branching out beyond my niche more. I’m also planning on trying to do more interviews with other overclockers or people in the technology community.

Thank you all for your support and hope that I can continue to grow!